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Quotes Jess has done an amazing Job on our wedding cake and now on our daughters first birthday. It has been awsome and we have never been happier to have Jess share in our special moments. Thank you so much for the great job and hopefully many more to come!!! Quotes
Matthew Willson
Returning Customer

Quotes Our daughter's 2nd birthday cake was AMAZING! She and everyone else at her party were so impressed at the details in and on the cake! Not only did it look good but it tasted wonderful as well! She loved her Barney birthday cake! Thank you, Jessica! Quotes
Rebecca Blews
Satisfied Mom

Quotes My Wife and I recently purchased a cake from "Cake Shotts". We arrived to our wedding to see the cake set up. I was very pleased with how it looked. I received an envelope from Jess and inside was an apology and all our money back. She wrote about how something had happened and the cake somehow melted a little on the way. My wife and I took a second look at the cake, then a third look. there was the tiniest evidence of what she was talking about and nothing more. I am so moved by this. Instead of Hiding what had happened, she made sure we knew what happened. I am also shocked she offered us our money back. But mostly i am Amazed at how amazing the cake looked. If something did happen, she was able to spot fix it to near perfection. This shows the amazing attention to detail and talent you will be receiving with any cake coming from "Cake Shotts". The cake Looked amazing, it Tasted Amazing, It Was amazing! I did not Accept our money back, she earned it! Quotes
Benjamin and Amber Popp
A Cake Perfectionist

Quotes We had a special Shank brothers celebration -- The three brothers are celebrating milestone birthdays this year . . . 60th, 70th & 80th. I ordered cakes for each of the guys. One cake was a cruise ship, one cake was a golf course and one cake was two cars drag racing. The cakes were awesome! The birthday guys were surprised and loved the cakes. Not only did the cakes look GREAT, but were delicious! The favorite flavor was the chocolate cake with coconut cream filling. I will order again and would recommend Cake Shotts. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job! Quotes
Becky J. Shank
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes We had a special Shank brothers birthday celebration. The three brothers are celebrating milestone birthdays this year . . . 60th, 70th & 80th! I ordered specialized cakes for each of them. One was a cruise ship, one was a golf course, and one was two cars drag racing. The cakes were absolutely wonderful. The birthday guys were surprised and loved their cakes. The cakes not only looked good, but were delicious! The chocolate cake with the coconut cream was the favorite flavor. I would recommend Cake Shotts for any special occasion or celebration. Thanks so much for doing such a GREAT job! Quotes
Becky J. Shank

Quotes Our family has gotten numerous cakes from Cake Shotts and we are never disappointed. The kids can't wait to see their birthday cakes every year. Anything we ask Jess to do she can do and is very creative. Thank you always!! :) Quotes

Quotes Jess made a fire engine cake based off of one of our fire trucks from our firehall. She made it for my dads 50th birthday. The cake was amazing, and looked great. Thanks Jess!! Quotes
Fire Engine Cake

Quotes Jess made a baby shower cake for my daughters shower and her theme was giraffe's and she made a 3-D cake of a giraffe. The cake got so many compliments at the shower and also in the pictures afterwards. The cake was also moist and tasted awesome. Would have her make another cake in a heart beat. Quotes
Patty Weaver
Babyshower cake

Quotes It might have been one year ago already but my cake stood out on my big day. Jess did a beautiful job and the cake was exactly like i was wanting. It was a shame to actually have to cut it and eat it. Thanks Again for such an important part of our wedding day!! Quotes
Amazing Wedding Cake

Quotes Jess, Made my amazing bridal shower cake and cupcakes for my "Bee" themed shower and they turned out amazing. Everyone at the shower loved them and now they can't wait for my wedding 10.13.12 to try her amazing cakes again!!! Even the guys who weren't at my shower but had cake tasting at home of some of the left overs were very impressed. Love the quality and Jess has the only buttercream that doesn't hurt my extremely sensitive teeth!!! Her fondant is also amazing. Absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone I never want cake from anywhere else again!!!! Quotes
Bridal Shower Cake
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