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About Me

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in my cake business.  A little bit about the history of Cake Shotts.....

It all began in 2008 when I started teaching cake classes at Michaels arts and Crafts store in Indiana.  By teaching all the time it also improved my skills.  Maybe a little bit backwards but it worked for me :)

 Then by March 2010 I decided to take the leap and get my home kitchen inspected.  Cakes orders quickly took off and I added an addition to my house that we called the cake room. 

 I made cakes out of my house until May 2014 when I moved my business to a small house closer to Smicksburg.  At the new shop I have a small storefront that sells cupcakes, ice cream, snacks, drinks, mostly to local Amish. 

Now almost a year later we are opening a second location in Indiana.  At this location it will mostly be a retail shop as all products will still be made in Smicksburg.  Very excited for this new adventure to begin!

Along with a busy business I have a supporting family as well.  My kids are still small, but they contribute a great deal by doing dishes, helping clean counters and talking out the garbage.  As they get older I hope they enjoy creating cakes as much as i do!





Jess Shotts



[email protected]



photo by Photo Love Photography!/PhotoLovePhotographs

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